Indians largest skilled workers group in UK

Indian nationals accounted for the largest number of migrants being granted skilled visas to work in the UK in the last year,largest statistics said on  Thursday.

Indian nationals accounted for 57% of total skilled work visas granted,which adds up to 52,109 of the total 91,833 with Americans the next largest nationally group up at 9,981 or 11% of the total the UK office  of national statistics(ONS) data.”Trends in visa numbers reflect both changes to the immigration rules and the prevalent economic environment. Asian nationals accounted for 298,231(56%) of the 531,375 longer term visas granted in YE march 2016,with china and Indian accounting for 17%  and 16% of the total respectively.

“The third largest number granted went to US nationals,who comprised less than 7%” an ONS statement, Indians are also among the top three nationalities to be granted study visas by the United Kingdom.

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