India Consistently Raising Visa Matter with UK Says Nirmala Sitharaman

India is constantly raising the concerns with the UK government about the latest  law that would affect the domestic experts earning below 35,000 pounds yearly. According to the Industry and Commerce Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, in the year 2012, the UK had earlier made modification to the immigration regulations, that would impact the settlement of non EU economic region employees with tier 2  based on suggestions from the  Advisory Committee on UK Migration.

She also said that India had been constantly discussing  this matter with the UK  including at peak levels, asking the UK government not to accept the suggestions in  interest of mutual trade in  services between the two nations and its adverse affect on Indian IT firms and also on the competitiveness and economy of the UK.One of the modification suggestion by committee was that entire skilled non EU economic region employees with tier 2 visas, except such exempted categories would only be entitled to reside in the UK permanently if they earn minimum of 35,000 pounds per year.

Professionals from India has formed the biggest category of people granted such visas by the UK over many years.

The modifications would impact tier 2 migrants who got their visas under the immigration regulations that came into force since the year April 2011 and seek to apply for PR in the UK after the period of five years.

Last month, the government of the UK has declared its verdict of accepting majority of committee’s suggestions.

The minister also said that the planned amendments impact the ease of visiting and competitiveness of IT and IT es firms of India in the UK by making the process of visa application of the UK more costly and complex.

As per the National Statistics Office of the UK, around 55,589 applications of tier 2 sponsored visas has been cleared last year, and around 78% (31, 058) were for Indian citizens.

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