Temporary Worker Visa Restrictions Lifted in Canadian Immigration

The federal government of Canada has make way for companies to hire additional overseas employees after the removal of few limitations that were placed on temporary employees from abroad under the temporary overseas worker program of Canada. The verdict has come as relief to few Canadian firms.

Under earlier conservative government of Canada, a limit was places on set of workforce of employer that can be staffed with fewer wages, overseas employees on provisional Canadian job visas.

The limit presently stands at 20% of workforce of an employer that is set to be minimized on 1st July 2016 to around 10%.

In the month of February, the latest Liberal Government of Canada had exempted seasonal industries, that recruit employees utmost period of three months, from the limit.

In spite of the exemption, employees are still needed to undergo an assessment of labor market for every job role to make sure that any vacancy could not be filled locally. Yet for this year, there would be no ceiling on the number of foreign employees and employers could bring in under this program.

There are many immigration schemes in Canada that are categories of permanent residence. However, lower skilled foreign employees are not likely to come under these schemes.

According to the employment minister of Canada, provisional overseas employee program required change that includes from businesses.  A little number of businesses in few sectors requires much flexibility for meeting their workforce requirements.

Despite the limit restrictions that has been lifted, employees groups across Canada are saying that tinkering with the number of overseas employees are coming to Canada for seasonal labor is failing to fix the problems that are around practices in unsustainable business.

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