Australia to introduce the latest multi-entry visas fast track

The confirmed number of recent actions concerning passports, visas in Australia in the annual budget statement to the Australian Government.

Three years would start multiple visa for less than the risk of migration from Thailand, India, Vietnam, Chile, the service fast track such as user citizens pay a visit visa to Indian nationals of the United Arab Emirates.

Advertising is part of the policies made by the Government of Australia to test changes to visa arrangements in important markets in the measure to increase the number of investors and visitors.

According to Treasurer Scott Morrison, and the plan is based on the step MYEFO year 20150-16 includes a pilot to serve the fast track like paying visa for citizens of China users.

According to official information that would provide about $ 180 million within three years from the next fiscal year by enhancing automation in visa processing, offering self-service alternatives and take advantage of the additional capabilities developed for evaluation.

It is expected that there will be an increase in visa applications, and due to that there will be an increase in profits for the Immigration Service by $ 740.8 million, taking the amount to $ 17.4 billion.

It was adjusted cost Australian passport, rising new price will be about $ 274, and the processing fee will be $ 181. This would raise income $ 172.9 million in four years from now.

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