Amended South Australian SNOL from fourth July 2016

South Australian immigration distributing state average was nominated occupation list (SNOL) on July 4, 2016. Some professions need to work experience, as well as English language proficiency in the framework of this initiative.

190/489 application window closes for a short period of time

This application will be closed temporarily system in the June 30, 2016 at 09:00. Applications that drive, but did not progress even if have been saved will be erased.

Applicants abroad – Careers Information and Communication Technology

According to the migration of South Australia, and the application of international candidates for the occupation of information and communication technology, and responded to the stated list of nominated Position (SNOL), and must score 70 points on DIBP focus test. This also includes the nomination of state points. This applies to any jobs that require an assessment of the skills of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

489 temporary visas

A few of these professions recruited on the list of supplementary skilled said the list of nominated post will be available to applicants only temporary visas 489. You must make sure they know about the basics of residence and work visa before applying.

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