Australia will soon cancel the simplified visa regime for foreign students

Types of student visas that are available to foreign applicants who want to study in Australia have a minimum of 8-2 month of July 2016.

Under many of the amendments announced by DIBP latest foreign student visa program will get a simplified sub-category 590 (student guardian) and sub-category 500 (student).

As in Australian universities, the process of applying for a student visa would also get a simplification. Framework to simplify foreign students would help the system in terms of increased quality and lower the risk of providers can flourish and in the process improve the competitiveness of foreign higher education visa.

Australia is working with universities DIBP for the implementation of the latest program and vice chairman, he said Anne-Marie Lansdown said Australia attaches importance to the invitation of real students and the high quality of the company. she also said that getting the correct details in this sector, the main foreign education is crucial, eventually producing greater benefits for Australian universities.

Many people have criticized the current system for applying for a student visa Australia, and now many have welcomed this decision to streamline the visa process.

He said that the latest education system in Australia created a problem free system and ensure that students have got to get a good education in this country.

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