Restrictions on immigration visas Tier 2 hurt UK

The British economy will continue to suffer should the current policy on the  tier 2 visas. Situation where being introduced laws and immigration procedures more restrictive than ever, can only serve to make things worse. The government apparently is strongly in favor of making it even more difficult for Tier 2 skilled migrants from outside the EU to enter and stay in the United Kingdom.

There was a public consultation by the migration from July 2, 2015 Advisory Committee until September 25 for 2015 on Tier 2. visa regime was on the government of these consultations in the hope that they can justify regulations Tier 2 visa even more restrictive. However, the overwhelming response from business leaders and organizations such as the organization EEF manufacturers and London, the first is that there should be greater flexibility in the Tier 2 visa system.

London has also been approached by a law firm business leaders across a wide range of sectors including architecture, digital, creative, engineering, finance, legal, as well as oil and gas. There were great concerns about the Tier 2 Visa scheme restrictive and inflexible.

Treatment of companies with Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship Licences unduly harsh

The way in which Tier 2 Visa care licensing system and Tier 2 work visa scheme is unfair and unjust. Extensive, detailed and confusing requirements at Tier 2 care directive license makes it extremely difficult even for experts to figure out what to do when you are trying to meet immigration requirements in the UK. This makes it very easy for the Ministry of the Interior simply drag Tier 2 care licenses at will. There is also no effective right of appeal in this case.

To make matters worse the information provided to the troubled OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) can be submitted to the Ministry of Interior. This is the institution that it seems “sponsored” the Interior Ministry. People have actually had to leave the country because of OISC. It is understood quite a lot of people are now worried about providing information for the OISC.

Some might say that these actions are in violation of Article 8 (1) and Article 8 (2) of the Human Rights Act – the right to private and family life.

UK Tier 2 visa holders small percentage of total Non-EU Immigrants

According to the data conducted by the Office for National Statistics [Ana’s], the number of skilled migrants arriving in the UK from outside the EU, representing approximately 7.5 percent of the amount of immigration in general in the United Kingdom. Thus making it difficult for people to enter the United Kingdom under Tier 2 visa scheme will make little difference to the net migration figures in the United Kingdom, and will cause great economic damage in the United Kingdom.

Companies adversely affected by tier 2 visa restrictions

Studies and reports confirm that most of the organizations that need to bring in skilled workers from outside the European Union has suffered because of visa rules Tier 2. It causes serious damage to large companies. Small businesses are not able to recruit skilled employees that there is an urgent need may simply go out of business because of the British visa rules Tier 2.

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