Australian Prime Minister announces strict immigration laws

Australian Prime Minister, announced that immigration controls more stringent security and national campaign. Obama’s statement comes in the wake of the hostage siege Sydney in December 2014, when Iranian refugees, walked into a cafe and holding 18 hostages at gunpoint.

The report came to the siege to the conclusion that the decisions taken by the authorities, which enable it to stay on in Australia were reasonable. However, the report changes to the immigration and citizenship legislation and recommend bail.

Plans will see the denial of welfare payments to individuals seen as a threat, and the abolition of passports for those who have dual citizenship in some cases, overseas travel restriction. This is in an attempt to prevent the financing and reduce the movement of terrorists.

And some personal freedoms to suffer in order to be able to fight the constant threat of extremist groups such as the Islamic State (IS).

In a statement of intent, “a very long time, we have given those who might be a threat to our benefit of the doubt, and we are ready to sacrifice our freedoms in order to never defend them, but we will not allow our enemies to exploit our decency either.”

It is believed that it plans to tighten Australia’s immigration laws will help to address the shortcomings in the current system.

The lack of batting leader

However, the measures described the opposition leader “weak beating of failure and try ‘leader to repair the tarnished reputation by provoking fear in the community.

“this approach has succeeded him in the opposition, he believed it would work while he was in power, but the Australian public are not going to fall for that.”

In spite of successfully fighting off a leadership challenge earlier this month from a private liberal members of his party,  his popularity among voters remained low since the beginning of 2014.

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