Australian immigration system

Australia has become notorious for its tough stance on immigration and has been criticized for locking up refugees for long periods of time. According to the Huffing ton Post, Australia operates a “hybrid” selection system for skilled migrants that includes both a points-based system and employer sponsorship options.

The country is also known to detain migrants in detention centers should they overstay their visa, violate their visa conditions or remain despite having their visa cancelled. They even detain those refused entry at Australia’s various ports.

Comments from Anti-Immigrant Migration Watch UK

Even the anti-immigrant, group, Migration Watch UK – which campaigns for stricter limits on immigration to the UK – said in a 2014 press release that an Australian-style points system would be ‘totally unsuitable’ for Britain.

In response to Vote Leave’s proposed immigration policy, Migration Watch UK stated that a ‘work permit for all migrants would be simpler and less bureaucratic, resulting in a reduction in migration numbers.’

Chairman of Migration Watch, Lord Green, “Work permits for all, EU and non-EU, is the way forward. This would preserve access to the skills our economy needs while reducing the population pressures which are simply getting out of hand.”

UK immigration policy according to Brexit Campaign

The four are of the opinion that should the UK back exiting the EU, ‘a new, safer and more humane immigration policy should be implemented as swiftly as possible.’ The four believe that such plans would be ‘widely accepted by British society.’

The new immigration policy wouldn’t affect Irish nationals or EU citizens who are already lawfully resident in the UK. Those EU citizens legally in the UK will be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK automatically under the new system.

However, legal changes would be put in place to make it easier to deport criminals and other persons ‘whose presence in the UK is not in the best interests of the UK public,’ according to the statement.

The Brexit immigration policy would mean that the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights to UK law would no longer apply to UK Law. Johnson, Gove, Patel and Stuart “A combination of these measures would allow, ‘for the first time in a generation’, politicians to ‘keep their promises on migration’.”

“We will welcome new citizens who wish to contribute to our society, as so many immigrants have done and we will be able to remove those who abuse our hospitality.”

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