Brexit campaigners draft Australian-style UK immigration policy

Brexit leading activists have been drafted plans for the Australian-style, points-based immigration system, should the public vote in the UK to leave the European Union (EU). Will be a referendum in Britain on June 23 as voters decide whether to stay in the EU or “Brexit’- name given to Britain out of the European Union.

However, it should be noted that the UK’s immigration system is currently working on is based on points that include different levels, including system-level visa 2 and Level 1 Level visa. It is unclear exactly how the system can “new” on the basis of points will differ from the current one.

He outlined a joint statement from supporters Brexit, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Preeti Patel, and Gisela Stuart plans to the immigration system in the United Kingdom would “marking the end of an automatic right of European citizens to come and live and work in the UK.

“By the next general election, we will create a real immigration system on the basis of points on the Australian-style. Automatic right for all EU citizens to come to live and work in the UK will end up, as well as the EU control over vital aspects of our social security system.

European Union citizens will be subject to the legislation made by those we elect at Westminster, and not in Brussels. We could then create equity between citizens and others in the European Union, including the countries of the Commonwealth. ”

There have been record increases in immigration in the UK because the UK economy is in good condition and is doing much better in fact than many of the European Union. High levels of immigration to the United Kingdom is a sign of success. People want to come to the UK because there are more job opportunities in the United Kingdom. Telegraph has recently commented that David Cameron had “launched this monster to create jobs for the economy.”

Immigration was a key issue in the EU referendum campaign. If Britain chose to leave the EU, there may be reduced immigration levels, but it is likely that the economy suffers. Perhaps this is the price that people will be willing to pay. We will see in the June 23, 2016.

The points-based immigration in the United Kingdom “new” system

And under the rules of the ‘new’ in the United Kingdom Immigration, will be assessed applicants seeking to live and work in the United Kingdom on the basis of their skills and qualifications without discrimination on grounds of nationality. ”

“To gain the right to work, and economic migrants must be suitable for the job at issue for job-related, and we will be able to ensure that all those who come to have the ability to speak English as good as this system can be much less bureaucracy and much simpler than the existing system for non-EU citizens. ”

The UK immigration a major focus of the “left” and “survival” of the referendum campaigns, and with less than two weeks to go until the take voters to the polls, have revealed holiday campaign finally plan to take control of the border in the United Kingdom in the wake of the European Union exit.

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