36th Canada Express Entry Draw Results Released

Canada Express took on the lottery on June 15, 2016 and released the results on the same day. Ft John Mc Callum, who is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration the following instructions regarding calls for the application to receive Canadian permanent residency, as published in the December 1, 2014, at the ministerial instruction respect for the entry Express Canada Gazette System, part was modified first of these from time to time to suit the requirements of that period very.

Number of Invitations Limit

According to the immigration law and the protection of refugees, and the number of calls that are allowed to be issued during the period from June 15 to 16.2016 is 752.

Required Rank to Enter the Draw Pool

The requirement to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) is a minimum of 488 points in the overall standings under a system (CRS). CRS is based on an overview of the potential candidate scored in the age and educational qualifications, fluency in English or French experience and work.

This was the lowest number of applicants accepted than ever to enter through the fee this year.

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