Point-Based Immigration System May Not Reduce Net UK Immigrants

Immigration European Union plans to introduce based on a point system. However, the net migration to the UK would probably not going to be reduced. When accept immigration Oxford University Observatory in the United Kingdom’s immigration policy, he said the observatory migration, director Madeleine consumption if Brexit took place, Britain was the adoption of the points-based system only distraction in the referendum debate.
“The important question is whether the United Kingdom is left to the market one introduces restrictions on immigration in the European Union. If that is the case, the design of the new immigration system would be complicated significantly the task, and therefore the system based on points will be one of many options, but it would be a surprise choice in some ways. after all, he gave the system, “Australian-style” points under the action and closed by conservatives because of fears that it was not appropriate to the needs of the United Kingdom or the goal of reducing net migration well. ” He said consumption.

Note to comment on the 188,000 net migration in the EU to Britain and 184,000 net immigration from outside the EU, in 2015, it means that the “net migration will not be less than 100,000, even if net migration in the EU zero – likely even in Brexit scenario. ”

The experts pointed to immigration, “What is clear is that if freedom of movement came to an end, the task of designing the new immigration system would be complicated considerably. Basic questions such as whether and how to meet the demand for migrant labor in low jobs and the middle-skilled, as well as how to manage the trade-off between costs and benefits of different types of immigration will need to be resolved. “

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