Teachers review the UK Immigration on Tier 2 Visa shortages List Position

Immigration legislation in the United Kingdom, and schools, along with academic confidence, can sponsor applications for Tier 2 visa for people based outside the European Union (EU). However, according to a report published by the school week, because of the difficulties in obtaining visas for the United Kingdom Level 2 current visa system is’ forcing schools to abandon their recruitment plans. ”

At the moment in the UK there is enormous public interest in the debate about whether or not the UK stays in the European Union (EU). People have complained that the EU is a huge expensive unaccountable bureaucracy. It seems that it is very possible that “Brexit” will occur and Britain will leave the EU. If this occurs will it become even more difficult to find suitable teachers for primary and secondary schools? It is currently the case that teachers from other EU Countries can easily live and work in the UK.

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