Provincial Nominee Programs Immigration – Western Canada’s Options

Canada’s SNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) has shifted its focus to immigration in Western Canada, especially Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. All these four provinces provide PNP s for a vast list of skilled workers that include entry level/semi-skilled workers, graduates,entrepreneurs, medical and healthcare professionals so on and so forth.

In 2014, an exhaustive report by the Canadian government on population estimates emphasized that Canada’s economic growth along with the population is shifting to the west. Immigration will be a major player in the overall growth of Canada in the next few decades. Simultaneously, PNPs will play a bigger role in the progress of Western Canada.

Since this report, PNP’s of the four provinces of Western Canada have opened their doors to candidates who can fill the skill gap in their respective provinces. The onset of Canada`s Express Entry System acted as a catalyst for PNPs to design an enhanced’ immigration options in accordance with the federal immigration system, at the same time their base’ options are independent of that system.

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