Microsoft to Introduce IT Development Jobs in Vancouver

Prime Minister Christie Clark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the current mayor of Vancouver and government officials for the opening of the Center of Excellence of Canada from Microsoft in the downtown Vancouver on June 17, 2016.

As Canadian immigration has a more lenient policy of the United States, Microsoft has decided to bring in the best international talent to its office in Vancouver.

The prime minister, and this is great news for Microsoft, the big news also for the Vancouver, British Columbia for Okenda whole. Microsoft’s decision to add at least 350 new jobs for the development of the operations of Vancouver which is a real vote of confidence in the community and the talent and experience Canadian workers, on the opening of this center.

He commented Prime Minister Clark, while we see people talking about building walls south of the border and to keep the people they do not like or do not agree with them, in Canada, in British Columbia, we choose very purposefully different direction too, and this is to open up our province to the best and brightest from around the world . Instead of building walls, we want to tear them.

Microsoft believes that the Canadian Centre will bring $ 90 million to direct investment and create economic impression from $ 180 million to this city every year. The company will increase the number of jobs to 750 and more.

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