Coalition in Australia Woos Migrants with 5 Years Parental Stay Visas

Speaking at the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in Paris First Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan EXPO-2017 and the Commissioner to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan said that Kazakhstan had abolished the visa regime with 20 countries growing in 2015, in an effort to promote favorable conditions for foreign tourists. Beginning January 1, 2017, the FAO member countries to reach without a visa along with Monaco, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates.

It has also said agreement was signed and approved tourist destination status (ADS) to facilitate Chinese tourists to travel to Kazakhstan. This agreement allows Chinese tourist groups to obtain visas, which the applicants do not need to attend an interview.

State authorities are working together with the organizers of the exhibition .2017 hard to make sure that tourists have a pleasant stay during the exhibition.

At the same time, Kazakhstan has become a member of the TRI (area) initiative, the umbrella of tourism-related organizations from the three regions, which include South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In South Asia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the countries that have been inserted.

Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world, has a lot on offer for tourists. Its largest city, Almaty, and provides facilities that are said to be on par with any of the cities in the developed countries in the world. In addition to high-quality restaurants and cafes, transport, accommodation, it offers adventure tourism, wildlife, deserts and more.

Indian tourists who want to explore Kazakhstan can be a vertical connection, which, with 17 offices throughout India, and guide you on how to go about providing for a visa.

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