UK Employers Can Sponsor 2615 Foreign Employees For June 2016

The Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship (Cos) for the month of June is 2615; this is a significantly good number, the UK employers recruiting foreign nationals. The UK Immigration Department published the comprehensive data of the available number of Cos for the various categories of the Tier 2 visas.

A UK based employer is holding the Sponsorship license can recruit foreign nationals if they are unable to find the professionals with required set of skills from the local pool of talent. An employer must apply for the certificate of sponsorship to recruit a foreign national.

Under the Tier 2 Immigration system, an employer must apply for the certificate of sponsorship to hire a foreigner. The available sponsorship can be reclaimed after three months, if not used to recruit a foreign national.

The Tier 2 visa of the United Kingdom underwent numerous changes recently; the salary thresholds were increased for the General, Intra company transfer.

The UK Immigration may introduce a new system of immigration post ‘Brexit’ likely to be held on June 23.

Out of 2615, Certificates of sponsorship’s, a total of about 1840 will be granted to the employers hiring newcomers to the United Kingdom.

The Tier 2 visa has several categories; the visa facility is widely used by the UK companies to sponsor the skilled professionals who can work in their respective industries.

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