Migration Watch UK criticised for misleading UK immigration reports

Migration Watch UK criticized for misleading UK immigration reports ,Migration Watch reports and opinions are treated with far greater respect than should be the case. Migration Watch says the following in the “about us” section of their website:

“Migration Watch UK is an independent and non-political think tank chaired by Lord Green of Deddington,”

This is highly misleading. Migration Watch is an organisation that campaigns to reduce levels of immigration into the UK and produces highly inaccurate reports that help them spread false anti-immigration propaganda.

Recent misleading Migration Watch report

Dunt was especially critical of a recent Migration Watch report, which he describes as ‘weaponised fodder’ for the UK tabloids. Lord Green of Deddington of the anti-immigration group Migration Watch has said that ‘”Work permits for EU citizens would substantially reduce net migration and its resultant pressure on our population and public services.”

According to Migration Watch, its lowest forecast is that Britain can expect 3.4 million European Union migrants to reach UK soil by 2035. It’s highest forecast is that migration levels would hit 4.3 million.

Migration Watch is said to have calculated the figures in its latest report on the basis that UK immigration, and immigration in general, is primarily driven by ‘differences in wealth and opportunities between countries.’

Anti-immigration argument changes – Now immigrants are coming to work

Migration Watch says that it’s ‘specifically the UK’s high wages’ that attract Eastern European migrants. In their report, they state: “The UK national minimum wage, now set on an upward course, will add significantly to the pull factor and ensure that a substantial difference remains between basic wage levels in the UK and those in central and Eastern Europe – the main driving force for migration.”

Migration Watch admits some economic benefits due to Immigration

Migration Watch claimed that: “Demand for immigration by employers feeds on itself as the population growth from migration continually increases demand for goods and services, requiring more immigration for its satisfaction.”

Dunt states that ‘even when they admit immigration to the UK increases demand and plays a role in boosting the economy, Migration Watch manages to poisonous it and deride immigrants.’

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