E-Tourist Visa Facility Hit among Malaysian Tourists Visiting India

E-Tourist Visa Facility Hit among Malaysian Tourists Visiting India.The number of subscribers has increased to tourist visas E- significantly, ever since the start of the visa system in most Indian airports. Among the growing number of travelers who use this facility are Malaysian citizenship. At present, the existence of a direct flight between India and parts of Southeast Asia network, selective South and West Asia routes. Since its re-introduction in the August 15, 2015 at international airports such as Tiruchirapalli and two non-metro cities, close to 2,400 foreign travelers took advantage of this facility.

It was close to 1,600 foreign nationals have used this facility at the airport Tiruchi 5 months and a half years ago. With 300+ citizens abroad using these facilities at the airport Tiruchi each month starting in February, said airport officials. In a move to promote tourism in India, the government has provided this facility at international airports in Tiruchi, along with six other international non-metro airports. Singapore citizens, second only to Malaysia, followed by Sri Lankan citizens in the third and citizens of Australia in fourth place. This facility has benefited from travelers from countries such as France, the United Kingdom and distant countries such as St. Kitts Island, also in the Tiruchi Airport.

International travelers over 150 countries like the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia, Seychelles, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc. can use this facility to enter the country with printed E- Visa, without having to wait for a tourist stamp visa. System allows travelers to apply for a visa to enter the traveler on the Internet, and a few days before their departure. Upon approval of the visa, which can take the print out of the authorization for a tourist visa online that are created on the Internet. It allows travelers to stay in the country for a maximum period of 30 days from the date of arrival.

Last arrival, passengers will be required to undergo bio metric screening at the airpo

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