South Australia Releases State Nominated Occupation List

South Australia released its comprehensive State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) which comes into effect on July 4, 2016.

International professionals and foreign graduates in Australia can make use of SNOL to apply for the general skilled migration programs of Australian Immigration.

The applicant must have work experience that matches with the occupation list.

After detailed analysis on the requirement and shortage of skills, Immigration South Australia released the list of occupations based on the labor market needs.

The study involves consultation process with industries, training councils, and associations.

Inter-state migration, availability of local workers and international migration will be taken into account.

The occupations in the current list is opened for

  •    Farmers and Farm Managers
  •    Specialist Managers
  •    Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators
  •    Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
  •    Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
  •    Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
  •    Health Professionals
  •    Education Professionals
  •    ICT Professionals
  •    Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
  •    Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians
  •    Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
  •    Construction Trades Workers
  •    Electrote chnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
  •    Food Trades Workers
  •    Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
  •    Other Technicians & Trades Workers
  •    Health & Welfare Support Workers
  •    Sales Representatives & Agents

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