Online Visa Application Form Launched by the UK Visas and Immigration

In a bid to facilitate visa applications the UKIV (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration) has introduced an online visa application form for visit visas to the UK for several countries including Nepal and Sri Lanka. The department also plans to roll this application form on a global scale in the future. The British High Commission in Nepal and Colombo confirmed that the online application form is named as Access UK and comes with benefits like a logical & short the application form that is mobile compatible and comes bundled with a Schengen visa application form.

Nick Crouch, Regional Director at UKIV (for South and Southeast Asia region), stated that the UKIV is devoted to the cause of servicing applicants through visa process that is not only fast but easy as well. Mr Crouch further stated that the UKIV would improvise the process and streamline it to provide a hassle-free visa application process for its future applicants. Talking about the previous roll out of the Access UK online from in China back in 2014, Mr Crouch stated that the initiative received extremely positive feedback from the applicants; that lead to an improvised version and supported UKIV’s future plans to roll out the form to a global audience.

In his statement, James Dauris the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka said that business and cultural exchanges between the peoples of the two nations strengthened the trade and travel. Post Brexit, analysts contemplate that Britain has to focus on encouraging tourism to boost its economy and also encourage trade with its global counterparts. Immigration through, have been a controversial issue with experts playing a wait and watch the game before they conclude the outcome of the EU referendum.

The UKIV plans to launch the online application form in several regional languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Sinhalese, Tamil, etc. in order to streamline the application process for people who have limited fluency in English language. Although the questions in the visa form translate to the regional language, answers have to be filled out only in English. To know more about the Access UK Form, visit People applying for visas through other routes can still access the Visa4UK’s site.


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