Big increase in immigrants to the UK….

The UK government statistics have announced that the number of immigrants reached an all-time high of 650,000 last year this was a result of the appearance of immigrants in large numbers from both the EU and non-EU nations before the referendum for Brexit was held. Around 284,000 EU nationals migrated to the UK before the election was held in June.

However, though it was claimed by the government that the rise in immigration was a result of the EU laws for tolerant movement, around 289,000 non-EU nationals were disadvantage of any such rights. This increase in immigrant numbers has now raised doubts over the decrease in immigrant numbers that was claimed by the Brexit champions.

The total immigration figures stood at 335,000 during the tenure of Theresa May as the Home Secretary were mere 1000 lower than the all-time record of 336,000 in the previous year.

These latest increases in immigration numbers revealed by the National statistics office have made the government’s target of reducing immigration by tens of thousands go haywires.

It was quoted by the Press reader that in a statement issued by the Downing Street office of the Prime Minister the target to reduce the immigration target was reiterated. The statement said that Theresa May remained committed to decreasing the numbers of immigrants by considerable levels. It was although clarified that the reduction will take the time to be achieved.

Paul Nuttall the new UKIP leader has said that the increase in immigration numbers have proved that the Tories were not trustworthy to reduce migration. It was the failure of the Prime Minister, in particular, he said. The huge rise in migration was due to the arrival of EU nationals in the last twelve months prior to the Brexit. In a first of its kind, the Romanians were the highest number of immigrants than any other nation in the EU.

This information on Romanians has established the claim made by the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage made by him in 2014 during the agitation by Romania for free movement. Last year nationals from Romania accounted for 10 percent of the total migration, the highest for any nation.

The total number of immigrants of 650,000 that included 77,000 Britons, who returned to the country, was roughly equal to the population of two boroughs in London. This was against the total emigration of 315,000 out of which the strength of EU nationals was 95,000.

Nicola White, the chief of the National Office for Statistics said that the latest information on immigration revealed that the number stood at all time high levels.  Especially the strength of EU nationals was at a historically high level.

Out of the 189,000 European nationals who arrived in the UK, 108,000 had an offer of employment with them.

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