UK Home office declared to changes the Tier 2 visa…

Under the new rule, all the applications submitted on or after 24th November. The Tier 2 General class the salary doorstep for experience workers has been increased to 25,000 pounds with some exception. Also reduced the Tier 2 (I CT) trainee graduate salary doorstep of 23,000 pounds with an increase in the job positions to 20 in a company per year.

New English language requirement has been introduced to all the nationals other then European Union while applying for agreement taking the five-year for Residency Settlement. This is applicable to all the family members including the parents whose has ‘Leave to remain ‘in UK under family Immigration rules which is due for expiry on or after 1st May 2017.

UK home office reports that there no enrolment to train the UK workforce available instead of taking foreign national , there seem to be no advantage or a long standing benefit  in continuing the present skilled visa system as this is not respond by India were a UK national is being given opportunity to gain skill or experience working in India. UK Home office if expected to further compress the Tier 2 selection system.

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