Theresa May has highlighted the fact that “nine out of ten visa applications from India are already accepted”

Theresa may have announced improvements to the UK’s immigration system for Indian nationals as the UK negotiates a post-Brexit trade deal with India.

Currently in Delhi, the UK Prime Minister has stated that India will become the first visa country to be offered the Registered Traveller Scheme. This would allow thousands of Indian nationals with UK work visas to go through UK border controls more quickly.

It has also been declared that the Indian government will be invited to nominate senior business executives for the ‘Great Club’, a bespoke premium visa and immigration service which allows for a smoother visa application process.

Theresa May has rejected a request to increase the visa quota for Indian nationals, however, and instead highlighted the fact that ‘nine out of ten visa applications from India are already accepted’. Any further improvements would only be considered if the UK were allowed to increase and speed up the return of Indian nationals with no right to remain in the UK to India.

The matter of immigration is inextricably linked with trade, however, and the Prime Minister has expressed her commitment to building a solid and successful trade deal with India for a post-Brexit UK.

More specific deals across a range of issues will be announced as the Prime Minister’s visit to India’s capital progresses.


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