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De Montfort University Leicester, aka DMU, announced in the first week of December 2016 that it would offer scholarships worth up to £5,000 and reduce fees by £1,500 for all students coming from India.

Mohammed Ajmal Kuyilan, an MBA student from Calicut University in Kerala, said that coming to De Montfort along with his friend could turn out to be a godsend for him.

He said that the diversity in the university as well as in the city made him fond of the place.

Kuyilan said that he lived in the Narborough Road area, which according to him is UK’s most multicultural street.

Professor Dominic Shellard, the DMU’s Vice-Chancellor, had visited India in November as a member of the official delegation to India-UK TECH Summit, in which Narendra Modi, the Indian PM, and Theresa May, the British PM, also partook.

Addressing a gathering in Delhi, he had said that at their university their ties with India were strong as they housed more than 200 students from the South Asian country now. According to Prof. Shellard, owing to over 5,000 Indian alumni in the city of Leicester, their links with India were enriched.

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