Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules

The Home Office released a statement of changes to the immigration rules on the 3 November 2016.  The main changes affecting students will affect applications made on or after the 24 November 2016 and include:

  • Applications from overstates will only be accepted within 14 days of leave expiring – in the majority of cases LSE does not support applications from overstates in the UK;

  • Evidential flexibility – where documents in a series are missing e.g. bank statements, the start and end of that series must be included.  If further documentation is requested, it will only be requested once and must be received within 10 working days of the request.

  • English language requirements – when relying on the exemption from a SELT because a student has obtained a qualification to a Bachelors, Masters or PhD in the UK from a majority English speaking country, the applicant will need to include an original document from UK NARIC which confirms the equivalency. If the qualification was gained in the UK, it must be Bachelors, Masters or PhD and not an equivalent of these.

  • If a student is applying for a new visa in the UK because they have completed re-sits or repeat teaching, they no longer need to meet the academic progression requirements.  After the 24th November this means that you will not be required to return home to extend your visa, but will be able to apply in the UK after you have completed your repeat teaching.  However, this only applies if you are receiving repeat teaching in the same programme. You cannot apply for repeat teaching in a new programme.

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