Implement regional immigration policy

 Theresa May to put in place a regional immigration policy after Brexit under which some parts of Britain would be able to clamp down on the numbers of foreign workers while others could maintain an open-door policy.

The all-party group on social integration said “regional immigration quotas” would help boost the public debate, instil confidence in the system and significantly improve relations between new arrivals to the UK and longer established local communities.

In a report following an inquiry they said that not enough had been done to acknowledge the impact of rapid migration on many communities. But they also warned that the target to reduce migration to the tens of thousands had “unnecessarily stoked public anxiety” and given the impression that the government was not in control over immigration.

Instead they called for a comprehensive integration strategy from the government and for a requirement that immigrants speak English or are enrolled onto compulsory courses. The MPs claimed that the ability to converse in the local language was a “prerequisite for meaningful engagement with most British people”.

the Scottish government – a special rule for the capital to allow companies to attract skilled workers.

Immigration makes it difficult to maintain social cohesion and puts pressure on public services.”

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