Hiring Skilled Labour, UK muses EU Accounting Procedure…

 U.K would lay the axe to the root, which would edge migrants entering the country. A new fee for the employing companies, which would ostensibly impact the visa regime post-Brexit. The prime dialogue of this is to regulate and curb the numbers that come into the country as migrants and not an obligation to replicate the flow of skilled labour.

The misinterpretations made earlier that the move was a government orchestrated alteration. For which a statement made by the spokeswoman has cleared the air that, the reform was not on the government agenda.

New set of rules would also be implemented for sports people, graduate level workers, and low-skilled migrants from the EU. Precisely meaning every sector will have different applied rules as a part of the BREXIT consulting negotiations. Most prominent aspect to be pondered upon is bringing in the Non-EU workers to pay an annual charge of about 1000 pounds to be paid every twelve months (USD 1200) which would be initiated towards the end of April apparently the same may be implemented to the EU. This is triggering a concern amongst employers to hire people if the restrictions are made stringent to attract new talent.

On the other side the supporters of close links with the EU however criticized the plan.  The notion that the inflow of businesses would come to a standstill damaging the standard of the British economy. The message is to curb migration and not to defunct the economic expansion.

Implementing of the protocol might harm individual firms and overall growth. Nevertheless every sector would have a streamlined plan of action to be implemented considering every challenge and obligation

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