Resolve visa issue for students, IT sector

Resolve visa issue for students, IT sector, says Indian High Commissioner

Indian and British governments to cooperate with each other to resolve concerns regarding UK visas for students and IT professionals from India.

He said that the post-Brexit scenario was opening up opportunities for Indian businesses, and would also allow both the nations to further improve their relations.

Speaking on 16 January at the gathering of media house of both India and UK at India House in London, Sinha was quoted by the Hindu as saying that it was an opportune time for both countries to engage with each other.

He said that though Brexit was a challenge, it was more of an opening for Indian businesses and companies to work together with their counterparts in the UK.

Noting that the number of Indian students enrolling in the UK had reduced by a half to 19,000 in 2016 compared to the figure in 2010, Sinha said that countries such as Australia, Germany, France and the US were proactively entering Indian campuses to attract students to their countries.

He added that both Indian and UK need to thresh out visa concerns and that called for governments of both countries to talk to each other.

According to him, UK was the first choice in Europe for IT professionals from India, and, therefore, it was important for them to come to the UK. Sinha said that Indian IT professionals’ contribution to the global economy and the British economy could not be understated.

The UK government also introduced new visa restrictions that hit Indian workers coming to the UK, and the IT sector.

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