UK will pay huge price for prioritising migration curbs immigration policy

The United Kingdom would curb the immigration policy based on the Brexit process. The new regulations and negotiations on EU nationals with Brussels would help regulate the intensity of the new protocols. The impact might be stringent as to how the policy would be applied, and who will avail it, and will there be any exceptions.

The flip side of the coin also has concerns pertaining to work out on the New Visa system despite     coexisting rules for migrants from yonder Europe.

To emphasize in a nutshell, the point built scheme substituted the work permits in the year 2008. They are dubious to be any drastic alterations. It is a known element that any new system ought to rely upon the corridors of power made formerly.

The vision is to designate jobs and reserve a streamlined rewarding quota making it more economically sector based. There would also be a firm salary edge to every highly skilled non-EU national who is allotted a graduate-level job. Ostensibly 20,700 visas are issued each year by Britain.

The newly adopted changes might bring about a variance in the EU & Non EU Nationals. There would be a quota set aside for work permits issued to EU nationals. Every employer at the same time ought to project the evidence that candidates locally were tried and were not found eligible. Hinting that nationals with firm job opportunities will be allowed into the country, though there are certain preferences between EU & Non EU nationals. The inclination is that Non-EU Nationals are directed to avail through the point based visa system. Opinion to be pondered is whether the Europeans are favoured with convenient rights to reserve an allocation of work permits into U.K.

The low skilled labour will by all means experience a new template. Even up to the year 2013 a ballpark figure estimated up to 22,000 visas were allotted for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants under the seasonal agricultural pattern similar to work holiday package. However, there is an implore to cope with the new version to meet the employability demand for low skilled labour post-Brexit. It is being said, that temporary migration routes would have no impact on overall migration figures and that these schemes are considered more prominent than less.

Unlike the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) implemented by the U.S as a Visa Waiver, the European commission proposed the likewise online application and payment grid for all British citizens travelling to the continent. Subsequently the U.K would execute an equivalent corresponding scheme for EU nationals willing to visit the United Kingdom.

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