Theresa May to confirm UK exit from EU

Theresa May made it very evident that the exit from European Union is going to be complete. She also indicated that the exit will be tough and there are no plans to even consider limited membership of the EU.

In her speech, the Prime Minister of UK shared her vision for the nation which she plans to be a truly international UK. The UK will look out for bilateral relations in trade and commerce with the rest of the world with a new enthusiasm than ever before. However, she also added that Britain will continue to be the close friend and neighbour of the rest of the member nations of the EU.

But she also made it very clear that there is no chance of considering an associate or even partial membership of the European Union, as quoted by New York Times.

Mrs. May shared her strategy for the UK that she wants the nation to come out of this changed scenario in a more united, fairer and stronger way exploring prospects with the rest of the world than ever before.

Theresa May also spelled out that she wants the nation to be a prosperous, tolerant and secure nation and an attractive destination for global talent that will be a home to innovators and pioneers who will carve out the future of the world. She would also intend that the UK develops as a potential nation that is the hub of international trade.

Theresa May’s speech that was delivered London’s Lancaster House was the most anticipated statement on European Policy since 2013. In that year David Cameroon has announced to hold a referendum to decide on membership of the European Union.

It was clear from last October that the UK would not continue to be a part of the European Union’s single market when she said that she would have complete control over the UK borders for immigration from the European Union and freedom from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Mrs. May, however, did no clarify as to how she intended to negotiate a limited access to the single market and to the union of customs for goods. The members of the customs union have restrictions on signing independent business deals with nations outside the European Union.

Theresa May thus said that she wanted the UK to have free trade with the rest of the world while also having maximum possible free trade with the European Union.

Though it is expected that European nations will be grudging with regards to European Union’s market access they will finally concede, said Mr. Pickering

He has said that the concluding agreement will eventually give the UK a fair access to the goods market in EU and restricted access to the services markets that is yet to develop.

The crucial fallout of the exit from the European Union would be that the UK will forfeit its EU passport for financial services, said Mr. Pickering. This is a system that permitted banks in the UK to provide

Financial services throughout the European Union. This is a result of an increase of certain curbs on the immigration from the European Union by the UK.

Several member nations of the European Union have demanded tough action against the UK so as to send a clear message to the other member nations who might plan to leave the European Union following the footsteps of Britain. This was anticipated by Mrs. May and thus she said that the UK desired to have the thriving European Union.

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