Immigration policy would be ordered by the requirements of the employers

The United Kingdom has ordered that its immigration policy would henceforth be dictated by the requirements of the employers and not by regional needs.The UK government has overruled plans for regional visas as per which London city and Scotland would have been given special work permits.

Government source as saying that it is being considered that the immigration policy would be dependent on specific sectors where there is a paucity of skills required for employment within the country, and they would be filled accordingly.

The source added that just like in Australia or Canada, they would be hiring foreign nationals according to skill shortages rather than on a regional criterion. This would mean that under Tier 2 scheme, Britain would issue work permits to engineers, teachers and healthcare workers, besides ballet dancers, welders, geologists and software engineers as well – all of which are included in the Government’s Shortage Occupations List.Earlier, new controls over immigration were demanded by Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, following the result of the EU referendum. On the other hand, Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, was also trying to influence the government for exclusive London visas in order for enterprises in the UK capital to continue to recruit overseas workers.

Though the unemployment rate of Britain fell to 1.6 million in the third week of January 2017 – the lowest level in a decade, quite a few sectors are suffering from a scarcity of native workers

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