Downing Street insists British dual nationals will not be affected by Trump’s travel ban…

Theresa May’s government issued a statement on Monday afternoon insisting British citizens with dual nationality will not be affected by Donald Trump’s US travel ban.

According to the Guardian, the PM’s deputy spokeswoman said the government was confident in the clarification secured by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Sunday.

This is a despite a statement issued on Monday by the US embassy in London claiming the opposite.

This appears to contradict a statement issued on Monday by the US embassy in London claiming the opposite.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson faced questions from MPs over US President Donald Trump’s travel ban and how it will impact British travelers.

In an ‘urgent notice’ published on the embassy’s website on Monday morning, the US government said no visas would be issued to any dual nationals of countries listed under the so-called ‘Muslim ban.’

The Foreign Office had issued a statement late on Sunday night in which it claimed UK nationals travelling from the UK would not be affected by the “extreme vetting” security checks in place, even if they were born in one of the seven barred nations or hold dual nationality.

Following the announcement of the ban and nationwide protests in the UK, Downing Street ordered Mr. Johnson to deliberate with Jared Kushner, the White House Advisor and Stephen Brannon, the chief strategist to Mr. Trump. He was asked to seek a way that prevents nationals of the UK being affected by the ban.

Boris Johnson also shared a tweet on the social media assuring that the freedom and rights of the citizens of the UK at home and overseas would be safeguarded. It was incorrect to differentiate and label people based on their nationality added Johnson.

Meanwhile, a signature campaign that aims to collate signatures from 800,000 people is being carried out to debate a resolution in the UK Parliament demanding cancellation of Trump’s visit to the UK later this year.

The UK nationals were apprehensive that the dual citizens of the nation holding passports of any of the seven Muslim nations would also be barred from entry to the US.

Theresa May issued a statement saying that she does not agree with the travel ban that is affecting immigrants and refugees. It was claimed by the sources at No 10 Downing Street that this reflected the seriousness of Mrs. May on the issue and that she was completely firm to react to the apprehensions of the UK nationals on the ban.

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