The UK looks out for fresh options from India Students.

Regional Manager of the Sheffield Hallam University Anna Tonya has said that there has been an enormous transformation in the preferences of students looking forward to pursuing their studies in the UK.

She was speaking at the exhibition organized by the British Council that was attended by representatives from 45 different universities. The exhibition was themed as “Study UK: Discover you”, as quoted by The Hindu.

Though management, technical and engineering streams continue to appeal to the students; many students over the last few years are arriving at the UK to pursue fresh options of courses such as performing arts management, game design, and sports management.

Students are realizing that they have diverse choices to opt from that suit their inclination which is a positive trend, said Anna Tonya. She is also the mission chief of the one-day exhibition for the Chennai chapter.

There was a sequence of seminars that were held as a part of the seminar addressing topics such as engineering and business studies in the UK, scholarships and student visas. In addition topics such as the manner of preparing for the IELTS exams were also covered. This test is a mandatory requirement for applicants who seek admission to the universities in the UK.

The exhibition intends to provide a single platform for diverse universities and their courses to be presented to the students who aspire to immigrate overseas to the UK for studies. It will also give then opportunities to interface with the university representatives’, said Ms Tonya.

Previously a mobile app had also been launched by the British Council for this exhibition that provided the necessary details regarding different universities in the UK and the courses offered by them, said the Senior Manager for Education UK South India, Sonu Hemanil.

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