India being the 81st Most Powerful Passport across the World

India with rest of the world. Maybe one day we will be the most powerful visa holders of the world. That day has already arrived. The Passport Index 2017 has given India the 81st place in a ranking of the world’s most powerful passports with a visa-free score of 46.

The report was released in the first half of January 2017 and it relies on cross-border access to national passports giving them a “visa-free score” that shows the number of countries a passport holder has access to without visa or with visa on arrival. Officially, this is the only real-time global ranking of the world’s passports.

The visa-score of 46 includes 21 countries were Indian citizens can travel without a visa and 25 countries where they can use the visa-on-arrival option. Many perceptive people around the world have a desire to improve security for their family and increase opportunities for their children, this desire transcends borders.

With many European countries now opening up and welcoming investors with attractive residency programs, having a second citizenship has never been easier, cheaper and more relevant than today.

According to the passport index, German is the strongest. The German passport lets you travel across 157 countries without a visa. They can travel to these countries without applying for a visa. This makes the people from the central European nations the most privileged passport holders.

This year’s index included a new list called “World’s most welcoming countries” being topped by 13 countries that don’t require any visa from passengers visiting their countries. Also, the latest Passport Index includes a new”World Openness Score” (WOS) which tracks the progression of mobility freedom for citizens around the world. In 2016 the WOS indicated a figure of 17.925, while in 2017 the score went up to 17.948.

With numbers gradually increasing and countries this trend shows opening of borders with attractive visa policies and benefits. With globalization and ongoing immigration issues, the World Openness Score will be absolutely challenging.

Being recognized as the most powerful passport in South Asia as well. And deemed to be superior to help us through the trials and tribulations of life, and in particular the visa. India takes pride in making that visa free entry to 46 countries a feasible walk through.

India is the third largest passport issuing country after China and US. The Government has plans to issue e-passports to the citizens. The Government has given its approval for the manufacturing of e-passports.

E-Passport Features

* An e-Passport contains an electronic chip.

* It is also known as biometric or digital passports.

* The chip holds the same information that is printed on the passport’s data page.

* The e-passport is likely to secure the data and curb the menace of fake passports.

* 93 out of 193 UN member states are issuing e-passports.

The nation is moving into the digital world pretty fast. And India will be the most digital country in the world too. A lot more to come with benefits of well-being and upscale living standards.

Every country working towards a global cause to change the living conditions of the people living within to be called Poverty Free. This Moto paves way for more openness and more welcoming opportunities where skilled workers make use of the immigration policies and explore those channels with unconventional innovation and diligence.

A nation is great not for its size or populous. It is the will, cohesion and discipline of its people and quality of adopting new changes. That one desire to change and implement newness ensures an honourable place in history and also the hearts of millions to be benefited. After all giving the best to the people makes a nation great

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