Indian students want international recognition, not UK working visas

Indian students moving around the world have since 2010 begun to change. Latest figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show an alarming 25% reduction of Indian students recruited to the UK. Some groups have blamed the government’s reforms to post-study work opportunities, not to mention restrictions on part-time work during study.

The British High Commissioner to India said on 21 February that there would be no ceiling on visas for students from India intending to enter the United Kingdom to pursue education.

He also added that 600 scholarships had been announced by their country for Indian students wishing to pursue their education in the UK.

Asquith was quoted by the Indian Express as saying that anybody coming to the UK will be joining 500,000 international students who would be accessing world-class education at the top-notch universities.

But as per the visa policy of the UK, students must return to India after they complete their courses. This clause led to a decline in the number India students enrolling in the British universities by 50 percent. India has been continuously requesting the UK to ease student visa rules.

The British envoy added that the UK was taking part in many initiatives along with the Indian government to boost skills. He said that to take this forward their country was investing in 75 start-ups and is also providing Indian women financial services. Asquith said that their country’s businesses spend seven percent of their earnings to provide training to Indian employees to enable them to develop their skills further.

He concluded by saying that the UK did not a have ceiling for Indian students or their counterparts from any other country in the world. Everybody is treated equally, said Asquith.

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