Indians are most welcome to Mexico if Trump toughens H1-B visa regime, says Mexico’s Ambassador to India

 India over the possible clampdown by the US administration on the H1-B visas, European Union has said that it is prepared to welcome more professionals from India in the IT sector. It has also condemned protectionism in any form in the sphere of International trade.

 Mexico will be ever welcoming to the Indians. It was high time that to increase the trade relations with India and Mexico is now focusing on utilizing this opportunity as more of its firms are trying to capitalize on this, explained Melba Pria, as quoted by the Indian Express.

In order to address the issue of unlawful immigration, it was required that we must work for the causes and efforts must be put to achieve the welfare of the entire continent of America, elaborated Pria.

There are several categories of immigration from Mexico that have contributed to the prosperity of the US. It has been revealed that contribution from the Mexican workers represents 8 percent in the GDP of the US.

Mexican immigrants own more than 570,000 business enterprises in the US that create jobs and contribute around 17 billion dollars revenue to the US economy. More than half million highly skilled immigrants from Mexico are pursuing their studies in the US or are engaged in diverse professions such as engineers and doctors.

On the other hand, the emerging trends indicate that numbers of Mexicans are departing from the US than the number of them that are arriving at the nation. Pew Research has submitted its report that from the year 2009 to 2014 around one million immigrants from Mexico departed from the US to return to Mexico. Around 870, 000 immigrants from Mexico moved to the US that resulted in an outflow of around 140, 000 people.

In the recent years, Mexico citizens are arriving in India for business purposes as they consider India to be a promising and emerging market. The recent international developments are a pointer that trade ties with India must be intensified, said Mexico’s Ambassador to India.

Corporate firms have a way of progressing themselves by increasing the trade relations with India and enhancing investment in the nation that will obviously result in increasing movement of nationals across the two nations.

In a scenario where in the US goes ahead with its tough policies on the H1-B visa that is likely to influence the IT firms in India, Mexico will be forthcoming to welcome the Indian firms and Indian professionals.

Indian firms will find that they will be able to cater to the US markets in the same time zone at lesser costs along with flexible visa regime for overseas talents and also access to a pool of skilled labour of the local talents.

The city of Guadalajara in Mexico is already emerging as the hub for technology firms and around ten major Indian IT giants including Infosys and TCS have their presence in the city.

In spite of the severe buzz in the media over the proposed action by the US administration against immigration, the reality is so far there have been no concrete policy decisions. It is only based on speculation and proposals.

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