China needs to attract skilled Indians

China may not have been putting enough efforts to attract Indian workers who are talented in the fields of science and technology.

China has seen an exponential growth in jobs in the tech sector, with the nation growing in stature as an appealing destination for setting up research and development centres of foreign firms.  Things have changed lately as some top technology firms are turning to India and passing over Asia’s largest economy because of the former’s lower labour costs. To counter this, China should be luring talented techies from India to maintain its edge in innovation. American software firm, dissolved its R&D operations team in China where 300 people were employed while putting in place a team in India with about 2,000 professionals in science and technical fields over the past few years, China is said to be on the third level as far as the state-of-the-art technology sector was concerned and is striving to be on par with the US and the outcome of its’ efforts will determine if China can maintain its standing as an emerging top global economy.

China introduced a slew of measures, which includes growing the research spending and creating an investment-friendly climate for high-tech firms to scale up the country’s innovation abilities. Despite all this, China lacks a talent pool that is neither substantial nor flexible enough to meet the needs of its rapidly growing innovation abilities.

 In addition, some companies in Guizhou Province of Southwest China will provide Indian talent good amenities such as housing, transportation and insurance, and cities of this province particularly will provide a much better quality of life than Bangalore,

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