Immigration Changes Makes India Students Look for Alternate Options

U.S. Creeping into the minds of entrepreneurs now the likewise is making the students who have flocked into America to panic about their careers, totally oblivious as to what is going to surface as the days progress. The quick changing policies at times immigration bans are the reasons for overseas students to opt out of the U.S to less chaotic countries.

Apart from the students who have already made it, the ones following that trail have relented to study in the states. The key reason being immigration policy changes which can pop up like a surprise. Apart from this, the regulations have an affect over job vacancies after the completion of studies.

The very declaration of getting jobs back to Americans literally paves an understanding that Jobs for Indians or any other overseas pupil will be a walk on egg shells. Students pursuing a master’s degree have taken huge loans to pursue education, while the proposed changes in the H1B makes the current situation even more worrisome.

On a contrary most of the people going to the US hail from India supposedly. And the visa issued is the H1B visa, though the U.S administration has proposed to raise the minimum wage limit solely meaning that acquiring a H1B visa will be extremely stringent therefore compelling larger companies to look for local Americans over immigrants from overseas.

This is definitely news not appeasing for Indians seeking jobs in the IT sector. They exceptional are those belonging to Graduate Jobs and University Jobs such as research scholars who fall under the exempted slab. For others besides that will be a challenging obstacle.

The US always has been a dream destination for many may it be Entrepreneurs, Students or any other. The tech market facing the proclivity also applies the similar pressure amongst students as well. Now as one door closes a window opens with better opportunities. Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada though they have their own policies yet offering a hand of help and extending support to those who would be revoked by the U.S. Still keeping the hopes and aspirations of the students still alive and not faded.

The good news is despite changes in the policies companies that have offered jobs in the US have not made any withdrawals so far. Each year there is a remarkable increase in the number of students making it to the states. The year 2016-17 experienced one million students enrolling to university in the states. And colleges are cautioning not to be hasty in withdrawing applications. As if for now it is to wait and watch while nothing has been finalized yet, the speculation and worry are felt everywhere in the air.

Students are the at last wits of panic and turmoil and are keeping their options open. Especially for those who want to pursue a career after the studies. Amidst of all this Toronto in Canada and universities around experience, a surge as inquiries of interest is increasing by the highest multiples. As most of them are coming from the U.S. Earlier the number of people visiting Canadian university websites was 1000 per day. Post the new administration in the States the number has reached to 10,000’s.

The statistics of other countries making options accessible for those who at this point cowardice of making to the U.S. Subsequently Canada now the best destination for Indian students offers work permits up to three years after the completion of the course. Making the students eligible for a permanent resident status. Australia, on the other hand, has equally emerged attractive for allowing students irrespective of streams and specializations. France too has briefly responded in making attractive simplified visa policies literally a good four-year special skilled visa soon after studies. The Blue card might also be the best pick as Germany offers an unlimited work and resident limit to foreign students where India ranks second in enrolling for German programs.

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