UK visas urgently needed employee Immigrants

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says that the UK urgently needs immigrants because young Brits won’t relocate to areas where they are needed to fill jobs. The group claims that young people in the UK are reluctant to do certain types of work such as caring for the elderly, therefore migrants represent the ‘best bet’ for filling skills gaps. At present, the visa regime in the UK permits entry of highly skilled overseas immigrants through the Tier 2 visa and Tier 2 sponsorship license system. Nationals from the EEA and EU can arrive in the UK and be engaged in any nature of jobs that include low-skill occupations.

Carolyn Fairbairn, the Director General of Confederation of British Industry has demanded that the Members of British Parliament must keep the borders of the nation open for overseas immigrants as they are very important to cater to the high demand for labor in the UK. She also added that there are many regions in the UK where unemployment was really very high, as quoted by the Work permit.

The post-Brexit debate on immigration framework has been focused on continuing the inflow of highly skilled overseas immigrants to the UK. The Confederation of British Industry has meanwhile argued that workers with lower skills are equally crucial to the labour market of Britain in order to cater to vocations such as taking care of the elderly.

Fairburn in her address to the select committee for Brexit, the nineteen members’ influential group that consisted of the House of Lords members said that Britain had an aging population that demanded people who would love to take care of them. It was high time that theory is kept aside and analyze the aspects that are straining the economy of the UK, explained Fairburn.

Longworth responded to the issues raised by Fairburn and asked as to why nationals from the EU were being hired for these vocations and declared that the youth unemployment rate in the UK was shameful.

UK could claim to be in a position to say no to the overseas workers. It is very apparent that there will be a need for skilled overseas immigrants for specific vocation on a short term basis in scenarios wherein it is not possible to access workers from the native UK population.

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