EU nationals given permanent residence in UK

The number of EU nationals given certificates confirming their right to live in the UK permanently has jumped to its highest level in at least a decade, figures show.

A total of 7,307 documents certifying permanent residence were granted to people from the bloc in the three months to the end of June. This was the highest quarterly tally since the current official data set started in 2006 – and more than four times the number in the equivalent period last year.

Discussions are also being carried out regarding a new visa regime for citizens of the EU after the UK exits from the EU. The existing visa system for the EU citizens in the UK – the Tier 2 visa and sponsorship license scheme is quite limited. There are huge chances that several EU citizens residing in the UK will be given the permanent residence, as quoted by the Work permit.

The report that has been compiled by representatives of both for and against sides of the Br-exit debate, has urged the government to end the ambiguity that confronts the EU nationals residing in the UK, after the exit of the nation from the EU. Along with them even the employers have called upon the government to ensure that around 2.8 million EU citizens residing in the UK are permitted to stay in the UK after it exits the EU.

The report also urges the government to modernize the process of application for permanent residence. The reason is that under the existing visa regime for processing applications for permanent residence, it would take around hundred years to process the applications of the EU citizens as per the calculations.

The study was organized by the independent, non-partisan British Future think tank that promotes open dialogues regarding immigration, opportunity, integration and identity. The report was chaired by leading leave campaign Mp from the Labor party Gisela Stuart. The panel also consisted of members from the UKIP, TUC, Conservative Party and Institute of Directors.

Gisela Stuart said that the government must give top priority to defining the status and rights of the around 2.8 million citizens’ of the EU residing in the UK in its discussions with other member nations, once Britain exits the EU.

Stuart also added that as people from diverse trades are residing in the UK, the first step was to give them a certainty regarding their future lives. The next important measure was to roll out a plan of how this will be achieved in the next five years. This is feasible at the administrative level and will also ensure that right results will be delivered

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