UK Immigration Skills Charge to be introduced in April 2017

The Skills Charge will apply to sponsors of Tier 2 employees assigned a certificate of sponsorship in the ‘General’ and ‘Intra-Company Transfer’ routes.

The charge will be levied whether they are applying from outside the UK, inside the UK to switch to the Tier 2 route from another route, or inside the UK to extend their current visa.


The charge will be levied as an upfront charge of £1,000 per Tier 2 employee per year, for the total period of time covered by the certificate of sponsorship.

Sponsoring employers will thus be expected to pay the charge at the same time that they assign the certificate of sponsorship to the non-EU national.

For all intra company transfers this immigration hike will have minimum fixed pays of £41,500. The key prominence is to make sure that employers of companies bring in specialists and managers to the UK. Trainees will be allotted a minimum salary of £23,000 a slight change from the previous salary offered £24,800. This predominant change will increase numbers significantly.

The benefits of this change will be to short term employed migrants. Now with changes that would affect a few and benefit a few, we also get to understand there are going to exemptions as well to the whole criterion. The Ph.D. levelled positions and Graduate trainees and those switching from a Tier 4 student visa to Tier 2; this will be welcomed by Universities and also Employers who hire graduates. This exception is to retain and attract talented students and workers who are a part of the exemption would be less impacted by the immigration change drive.

This exceptional change will be a benefit for start ups in the UK, with investors as well who would also experience the likewise. The Government has not yet taken any measures towards Universities and Graduate recruiters thus far. Despite exemptions and rapid changes the UK still remains the best spectacle with fabulous opportunities and benefits. Especially students overseas get to experience the spirit of Global Competition.

Tier 2 changes have been announced and still await a streamlined draft before they would commence in full swing and implementation. This will dramatically have an impact the businesses that employ workers outside the EU.

The regulations will be induced strategically in two separate segments. First will be during the autumn to commence they next are scheduled to be in action from April 2017. Apparently, time is being taken into consideration to provide business employers to enable themselves to be accustomed and adapted to the process which will be made standard.

Immigrations fees changing, Rapid alterations in the procedures for visa applications causes turbulences in the intuitions of those who seek to go overseas either as students or employees. As a matter of fact one reliable guide who is aware of the changes yet motivates the positivity of being issued a permit is an urge, and that can be fulfilled by the pioneer in immigration consulting

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