India soon to allow 5-year multiple entry visa for UAE citizens

Indian Government intends to issue five year multiple entry business visas to the UAE businessmen from next month on wards and within a couple of months the facility will be available to tourists from the UAE and other GCC countries.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Navdeep Suri, and Indian Ambassador to the UAE said five year multiple entry visas will be made available to any bona fide businessman or his representative from the UAE. The UAE nationals had stringent visa requirements to visit India and many of them are used to visa on arrival facility in many western countries and the visa restrictions had affected many business visas,

The government of India has announced its intention to issue five-year multiple-entry business visas to businesspersons of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 1 April.

Hereafter, Indian missions in the Emirates will start issuing these five-year multiple-entry business visas, Nav deep Singh Suri, India’s ambassador to the UAE, stated on 2 March in Dubai’s Indian Consulate. These visas would be the norm for all the bona fide expats or citizens of the UAE.

Suri was quoted by Gulf News as saying that eligible for these five-year multiple-entry business visas would be all the residents and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states.  He said that for the other five GCC nations, Indian missions in the respective countries would take a call on when they would be ready to issue these visas.

For each of these visas, which would cost Dh1, 500, biometric data needs to be submitted when an individual is applying for the first time.

According to Suri, there will be lesser traffic at the consulates in the UAE with the introduction of these visas. He said that this move was initiated after a request was made by the UAE authorities to enable trade in keeping with India’s efforts to pitch itself as a business-friendly nation. Since this was not to be meant to be a visa on arrival, Emiratis should have to apply for these visas before they enter India.


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