Indians largest group of foreign skilled workers in UK

Indians are the largest number of overseas skilled workers in the UK with a total of 53, 575 workers. The overseas skilled workers from the US were the second largest group with 9, 348 workers.

Indians represented the largest group of overseas skilled workers who were authorized to reside and work in the UK with around 57% of the total overseas skilled workers according to the official statistics revealed by the Home Office. In 2016 totally 93, 244 skilled work visas were approved out of which the share of Indians was 53, 575 visas, as quoted by the PTI.

“Indian nationals accounted for 57% of total skilled work visas granted (53,575 of 93,244)… The information technology sector sponsored 42% of skilled work visa applications, followed by professional, scientific and technical activities (19%) and financial and insurance activities (125),” the office of national statistics said in its immigration update.

Indians also accounted for over half the applications made in the sponsored skilled visa category last year at 30,556 of the total 56,058 applications. “Indian nationals were issued the largest proportion (40% of the total) of skilled work visas in the 2010 cohort and, of these skilled Indian nationals, 32% had received settlement after five years, while a further 12% still had valid leave to remain in the UK. The student visa statistics for India also witnessed a marginal increase with a total of 11, 330 visas approved in 2016 while compared to the 11, 160 visas that were approved in the year 2015. The latest statistics revealed by the Home Office further emphasizes the vitality of movement of professionals as a crucial feature of the broader bilateral relationship between the UK and India.

Recently, Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha India’s High Commissioner in the UK had said that free movement of professionals was very important for India. There must be a system wherein the Indian professionals can freely arrive to and depart from the UK as their contribution to both the economies of India and the UK was very crucial,

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