Brexit Secretary David Davis says UK will stay open to migrants after leaving EU

David Davis has risked angering Brexit voters after admitting the UK will not suddenly shut the door on workers coming in from the EU.

The Brexit Secretary said it could take “years and years” for Britain to fill all the jobs that would otherwise have been done by EU immigrants coming to the UK to work .And he said he had spoken to Home Secretary Amber Rudd about it with the goal of creating a UK immigration policy ‘that will reflect the needs of every part of the United Kingdom’.

The Government is drawing up an immigration bill for post Brexit Britain that is intended to allow greater control over how many people come to Britain.

Sources played down the significance of the intervention. The Brexit Secretary passes on all concerns raised by the devolved governments to ministers.

Regional systems have been discounted in the past because of the difficulties of policing the internal movement of people inside mainland Britain.

But the Scottish Government has insisted exceptions should be made for Scotland in the same way as may be necessary to maintain an open border in Ireland.

 Theresa May to reach the already discredited target of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands.

The rights of Europeans living in Britain have been a key point of contention, with opposition parties demanding they be guaranteed now amid concerns people might be required to leave the country after Brexit.

It was on Monday that Mr Davis sought to reassure his Estonian audience that the UK and the EU would reach a “very fast” agreement on guaranteeing mutual residency rights for their citizens living in each other’s countries, before suggesting that even after Brexit, migration from EU countries such as Estonia would be kept for at least for a period

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