New Permanent Residence UK Visa for EU citizens in the UK, report Announced

EU citizens – who can prove five years of residency in the UK  be given permanent residence status, which can be converted to a new type of indefinite leave to remain once the UK exits the European Union altogether.

EU citizens once the UK leaves the EU.  The current UK visa system for non-EU citizen workers the Tier 2 visa and Tier 2 sponsorship licence system is very restrictive.   It seems likely that many EU citizens currently in the UK will gain permanent residence.   EU citizens wishing to work in the UK for the first time after Brexit are likely to find things much harder.

EU nationals currently living in Britain once Brexit takes place, the report compiled by both sides of the Brexit debate, along with employers and unions, urges the government to guarantee that the estimated 2.8 million EU citizens currently in the UK will be able to stay after Britain leaves the EU.

the government to ‘streamline the residency application process,’ given that in order to process the number of Likely permanent residency filings by EU citizens under the current system, would take more than a century, according to calculations.

“Defining the rights and status of the estimated 2.8 million EU citizens living in the UK should be the first priority of this government in its negotiations with other EU member states.”

The report pointed out that virtually no one had suggested that EU nationals in the UK should leave once the UK leaves the EU. In fact, even the official Vote Leave campaign made the case that they should remain, which means there was no need for the government to ‘lie’ about having to secure the future of Brits abroad to guarantee the future of EU citizens in Britain.

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