UK will pay huge price for prioritising migration curbs, says Dutch PM

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said that the economy of Britain has remained in good shape even after the Brexit vote last year only because the pound has fallen.

In his unusual candid remarks regarding the long-term ally nation, The Dutch PM warned that a closer and critical analysis will reveal that the British economy is heading for an irreversible damage owing to the exit from the EU,

Mark Rutte also added that the Brexit vote has already resulted in a drastic change in the approach of the global banking sector that continues to have London as one among the largest international hubs. The US banks are already planning to exit from London and are looking for alternative destinations. They have also shown keenness to have Amsterdam as the new international hub for banking.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to formally launch the exit talks with the European Union by the end of March. This will also include commencing fresh trade agreement with the EU.

Rutte did not look optimistic regarding a new trade deal for the UK in the future. He was very clear that the fresh trade deal will never be as good as it was before the exit from the EU. The Dutch PM did not appear to be looking for any words while saying that the UK’s trade relationship with the EU is under serious threat.

He even did not refrain from commenting on the political developments in the UK while saying that Scotland was already looking for a similar referendum for exit from the UK parallel to Britain’s negotiations for exit from the EU. The UK and Northern Ireland should look forward to a tough border with Ireland that remains in the EU, added Rutte.

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