EU states back call for UK to agree €60bn exit bill before trade talks

European Union’s senior officials have informed that this plan of action was intended to prevent the issues of tariffs and trade dominating the talks, while admitting that this would result in the negotiating parties having nothing to talk about for several months ahead.

The top officials at Brussels have also confirmed that EU leaders who will be instrumental in the crucial exit talks with the UK have planned to seek an authorization from the 27 member nations on a very narrow range of issues.

As per the process approved by the officials and leaders of the European Union, the EU will outline its agenda for exit discussion in a note to Michel Barmier, the Chief Negotiator of the Commission. He will then be given the task of heading the talks for the exit.

On the other hand, Theresa May is keen to give priority to the issue of access to single market and tariffs in order to ensure that an agreement is finalized by the time of the UK’s exit from the EU in 2019.

However this approach of Theresa May is being severely opposed by EU leaders who see nothing more to the scope of talks than being a mere legal and bureaucratic procedure to disconnect the UK from the EU. It has also been confirmed by a senior EU source that EU has now designed a tough mechanism to ensure that no border talks are allowed to take place regarding the future relationship between the UK and the EU prior to the finalizing of the legal exit.

It was reported by the Politico that the number of topics that will be authorized for the discussion will be very limited. They will be actually the existing financial obligations of the UK that are time bound and the rights of the EU nationals in the UK.

Barmier will also not be authorized legally to discuss on customs, trade and UK’s participation in 2020 research program Horizon. In case if the UK says that it wishes to discuss space program, future of Julian King, European Banking Authority, and tariffs, Barmier will very clearly say that he Is not authorized to discuss these issues.

This means that the issue of the future location of European Banking Authority that is currently in London and the role of Julian King the existing EU Commissioner of the UK will be ruled out from the discussions of the exit talks.

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