India adds E-Visa channel

India’s great beauty has made the country tourist potential. An unending choice for travellers is the climate variations ranging from the coldest hottest and driest spread across the country. The best attractions are the simply astounding architectural wonders, topographical magnificence and last but not least the diversity of food that varies by state serves every food-loving palate. All you should be doing is bag pack pick and move.

Tourism India has made a tremendous impact on the economic development. As the early tourism began somewhere during the 1950’s with the genesis of a well streamlined overall development ever since. Facts and figures reveal that foreign tourist has increased over the years subsequently up a 6.8% making it 8.44 Lakh in the beginning of 2017 still expecting a 10% growth making the importance for the growth and importance in online visa and other general traditional visas. Making India move to the 52nd rank in Travel & Tourism.

If you are planning for a tailor made holiday there are few requirements such a valid passport, 2 collared plain background photographs, information related to the tickets, proof of residence, travel itinerary. These documents will be mandated. Now that the E-Visa scheme is made available the processing time it takes is 3 days.

The application has to be filled online and in a PDF format, the passport has to be attached. And once the documents are sent for the verification and the fees for the visa once paid is not refundable. After the processing, the applicant receives an authorization letter through an email which they will have to carry to India along with the passport to get the passport stamped with the visa on arrival. The visa on arrival is applicable at 8 airports in India such as Trivandrum, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Goa, Kolkata, and Mumbai. This is not be mistaken that it is only applicable if there is an authorization letter.

The visa on arrival is for 30 days initially, this online e-visa can be availed twice a year. India has myriad ways to enthral people especially medical tourism is going to get that major fillip inviting a million patients from 121 countries for whom this E-Visa will be an unimaginable benefit. In another push to the E-visa and to promote tourism in India the Government has announced a major scheme collaborated with the national telecom provider to issue a SIM card to the tourist with validity for 30 days. This is being taken as an initiative making it convenient for the travellers to contact their loved ones back in the home country. A helpline number available in 12 international languages would assist the tourist.

 The major difference between a single entry visas is 30-day validity and a multiple entry visas is 90 days validity.

India has been a perfect host to provide a generous conduct to all visitors, no matter where they came from. The friendly traditions and the exuberant lifestyles and cultural heritage and colourful fairs and festivals have been an amusement to visitors.

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