The Government has openly admitted its aim of reducing skilled migration to the UK using cost as its main deterrent.These financial measures are taking many forms and the next batch is arriving this April.

With new and amended costs specifically designed to make the prospect of hiring a non-EU national a lot less attractive, the changes will mainly affect the sponsors of Tier 2 migrant employees.

One change that will hit sponsors hard this April is the increase in the minimum Tier 2 salary requirement for experienced Tier 2 (General) hires.

Less than five months ago, the minimum salary requirement for a Tier 2 (General) application was set at £20,800 for experienced hires. November saw this rise to £25,000, however, and it will hit £30,000 this April.

This means that in a month’s time, an employer wishing to hire a Tier 2 migrant will be forced to pay them 30% more than only six months previously.

Some exemptions to this increased requirement will apply, however, and may lessen the blow for some sponsor organisations. These include graduate hires and new entrants, for whom the minimum salary requirement will remain at £20,800, along with applicants of public sector roles such as nurses, medical radiographers and secondary school teachers.

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